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Hi everyone! I am a proud amateur photographer. I have always loved photography and started taking it seriously after I graduated from college and started my first job, because we all know that photography is not a cheap hobby. I've been a member of this camera club since 1995. Back then it was Norristown Camera Club and I was the youngest member. Oh how times have changed. I am an active club member, participating in almost all club events. Why? Because I love learning and experimenting with photography and am always looking for inspiration. This club provides all 3. I am a past club president, vice president, and secretary. I am the current club treasurer. I've planned and lead numerous club field trips, performed numerous presentations/programs for our club and represented our club presenting at another camera club in the region. My photographic style tends to be more on the artistic and creative side, but I am open to learning about and trying new techniques. This club challenges me and gives me a gentle and supportive push to get outside of my comfort zone. I love photographing nature and being outdoors, and can often be found climbing or crawling to get a different perspective on this amazing world we live in. And I can never seem to get close enough to my subjects.


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